Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Hot Triathlon Season Finished on Icey Note

Team Soares had a great time this year racing triathlons as a family.  Many hot weekends found us around California putting our bodies to the test and trying to smile at the same time.  Even Anna stepped up her triathlon training to put her best effort yet at the TBF Kids Triathlon.

The main training effort was seen in Robin as she diligently found ways to squeeze the miles in in preparation for hardest triathlon effort - the Ironman.  After 6 years off from her last one, she picked a challenging one to come back to.  The inaugural Lake Tahoe Ironman was the goal and her difficult trainng sessions were critical to meet it.

We supported Robin any way we could as a family.  But much of her support came through friends watching the kids for her.  It was worth it as we saw her improve.  The San Francisco Marathon, the Vineman Aqua-Bike and the Folsom Long Course were all great indications of her readiness.

One of the remaining training difficulties was a bought with mild pneumonia 3 weeks before the race!  But God is good and kept her spirits and hope up.  She hit the start line fully ready.

But there was one final surprise.  Ice!  A cold front came through and dumped snow on Brockaway Pass the night before.  How would the triathletes handle leaving the chilly Tahoe water just to ride through an icy bike course!?

It was a thrilling day, with serious concerns along the way for many athletes, but Robin emerged victorious at the end in 12hr 29min.  It was the toughest thing she'd done.  And it was an ironic icy finish to a hot exciting summer.

We hope your fall brings with it great celebrations and visits with family and friends.  We'll see you around Auburn!

God Bless,
Troy, Robin, Anna, and Ariel