Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Troy's Bike Crash Update: #1

Some of you might have heard that Troy crashed at the Loomis Basin Criterium on Saturday. He broke 6 right ribs (#4 through #9) and punctured his right lung. He has been in the hospital since Saturday and the doctor is keeping Troy for at least another day. The lung puncture isn’t worse but it isn’t better. Basically the air that leaked out of his right lung has not been absorbed so they will have to put a tube in the lung tomorrow if the status is the same. If they put a tube in lung that is 2 more days at the hospital. Our prayer is that the puncture will improve on its own so that won’t have to happen and he can come home. We both are confident that the Lord has a great plan and that this is a big opportunity to grow closer to Him and be a light to others.